Dragy Evaluation: We Put The GPS Performance Meter To The Test

Back in the olden days, when measuring a lorry’s efficiency, we made use of the seat of our trousers– claiming that makes me really feel truly old. Given that we didn’t have a chassis dyno or any kind of expensive electronic devices to measure efficiency, we needed to improvisate well, type of. We would primarily make changes to our lorries with high-performance components like sticky tires, camshaft, exhaust, and nitrous, among others. After that, after the installation, we would hit the streets to see if the automobile really felt any kind of much faster. If it did, which was 99-percent of the time due to the fact that we didn’t want to confess the parts reduced the cars and truck down, we mored than happy. Of course, the method of performance testing was extremely crude and extremely incorrect.

The Dragy GPS Performance Meter takes the guesswork out of tuning and new adjustments.

The problem throughout this age was that there were just a couple of methods to measure included efficiency: on an engine dyno or at the track. Sadly, our neighborhood track shut down for a while to make issues worse, which implied we required to take a trip an hour north to examination and tune.More Here dragy gps performance meter At our site That was the only option we contended the moment. Nevertheless, this is not the instance in this day and age. Also in many small towns, you can locate a chassis dyno to wheel your cars and truck and see if a brand-new item makes a distinction. But now there are various other high tech approaches that measure performance, like a GPS efficiency meter.

The Dragy

Among the a lot more preferred devices frequently loading our social networks feed is the Dragy GPS Efficiency Meter. And while we know that a lot of you have experience with this item, we have yet to examine the unit ourselves, and made a decision to do simply that. For our test, we connected to a good friend of ours, Luke Thompson, proprietor of Mike’s Lube Store and a devoted drag racer. For the test, Thompson met us out at Wichita Raceway Park in Wichita Falls, Texas, where the Quarrel in the Falls no-prep race was occurring. His notchback Mustang houses a turbocharged engine, Holley Dominator ECU, and a host of various other go-fast goodies.

The plan consists of a Dragy with a magnetic base, two metal plates with glue for mounting, and a charging cable.

The Dragy is a quite basic tool on the outside. It’s nothing greater than a little black box that’s 1-inch broad, 3-inches long, and 1/2-inch high. The gadget has a magnet under and features 2 steel plates with an adhesive that can be installed on the vehicle’s inside. It additionally consists of a charging cord; nevertheless, you will need to supply a power supply. The only various other point required to make this gadget job is the Dragy Application, which can be downloaded and install from the Apple Application Shop for an iOS tool or the Google Play Store for an Android. After we filled the application on the iPhone, billed the Dragy, and upgraded the software application, we prepared to do some screening.

How It Works

The Dragy is easy to use and establish. The unit employs high-speed GPS satellites and afterwards measures your vehicle’s performance within 1/100th of a second. The software program will tape-record the pass before saving it on your gadget. You can additionally pick the criteria you intend to evaluate, including 0-30 miles per hour, 0-60 miles per hour, 60-130 mph,1/ 8-mile, 1/4-mile, and 1/2-mile, to name a few. And if that’s inadequate, you can also make use of the personalized mode and include even more setups, which we did, like 60-foot time, 330-foot times, or any others you could need.

While you can mount the Dragy on the automobile’s interior, we chose to toss it on the roof. The magnetic base was strong enough to hold the system in place pass after pass.


Box contents:

Technical data:

x. 5 & Prime; Installment Since the magnet

on the Dragy box appeared to be instead strong, we decided to throw the system on the roof of Luke’s Mustang as opposed to on the inside. And while the positioning doesn’t appear to matter for performance, we intended to see if it would certainly hold on throughout a launch. Plus, the blinking blue LED light in addition to the box highlighted the Fast and Furious in us –– well, the initial motion picture and not the atrocity of one of the most recent, anyway. We also utilized a cellular phone place which we bought at 5 Listed below for just $5.00. The mount had a suction cup on the base, which we placed on the traveler side of the windshield so it wouldn’t remain in the vehicle driver s line of sight

. For video objectives, we likewise used a cell phone install which we bought at 5 Below for just $5.00. The place had a suction mug on the base, which we mounted on the guest side of the windshield so it wouldn’t be in the motorist s view.

At the Strip

As we hit the hosting lanes, we activated the Dragy and synced it with the app. This procedure only took a few secs, and we prepared to go. Luke was competing in the 6.0-index course but had refrained any kind of previous testing to make certain the car got on point. So as he inspected the tune-up one last time in the Holley ECU–– and since Quarrel in the Loss was a no-prep race, and he couldn’t go much faster than 6.0-seconds for the course –– Luke placed an A-to-B tune-up in the car. While he was pushing buttons on the laptop computer we safeguarded the cell phone in the install and changed the sight for the video. When we were next in line for the fatigue, we struck document and allow the Dragy most likely to function. We didn’t recognize if the system would certainly begin data logging as soon as the cars and truck relocated, which it does. Nonetheless, after the pass, you can uncheck the products not wanted, and the video overlay will certainly display the picked info.

Establishing the Dragy only takes a few minutes because the application is very easy to navigate. You can likewise alter the performance mode, examine the leader board, and consider the tempeture, thickness elevation (DA), in addition to a host of various other functions.

Making Passes

Luke lit the tires up in the water box on the Mustang and afterwards continued to stage the car. Then, as the Christmas tree illuminated, he released the transbrake and the Dragy went to work. The vehicle went a 6.45 e.t. in the 1/8-mile for the very first pass, lifting early. After returning to the pits, the Dragy data showed a 6.43 in the 1/8-mile at 81 mph. Sadly we couldn’t contrast all of the data from the Dragy to the timeslip because this was a no-prep race –– no slides were being distributed to the racer. Nonetheless, it was noticeable that the Dragy was close, with a distinction of only.02-seconds from the boards.

For the second pass, Luke made some adjustments to the automobile to try getting closer to the 6.0-second time slip without blowing the tires off. He ramped in power a little quicker, and we wondered to see if the Dragy would react the very same. Luke managed to run a quicker e.t. this round, at 6.39-seconds. Once again, the Dragy displayed a 6.35, this time at 89.30 mph. And while there was a.04-second difference this go-round, it was still close and showed that the power was ramped in quicker than in the past with a faster e.t. and better mph.

Luke Thompson makes a hit in his turbocharged Mustang with the Dragy installed on the roof of the cars and truck.

Back In The Pits

After making a number of hits with the cars and truck, we returned to the pits to discover the application. It’s easy to make use of and supplies a great deal of functions. You can set up a garage for your various cars, view history, and it even has a leaderboard that will certainly let you know where your times stand all across the globe. Our preferred attribute is the video clip overlay that instantly includes information to the pass. This information can easily be cut right from your tool so you can share it on social networks or the leader board.

The Dragy’s video clip overlay is seamless. You can even cut the video clip in the app prior to uploading it to social media or the leader board.

In general, we were really satisfied with the Dragy. The system is simple to establish and make use of, the app is easy to use, and you can figure everything out in simply a min or two by scrolling around. However most of all, the gadget is sensitive enough that when you make a horsepower modification to the vehicle, it will register, which implies we put on’t need to rely on the seat of our trousers any longer. In the future, we will certainly be able to utilize our Dragy to check parts and see if they are an improvement or otherwise. The only issue is identifying how to obtain our project off the jackstands to test. Yet that’s a different tale for an additional day.

We intended to say thanks to Luke for letting us get in his method at Quarrel in the Autumns and crawl all over his Mustang. Additionally wanted to give thanks to NXGonzo, Chris Raska of Wichita Raceway Park, and Matt Plotkin for placing on an excellent event.