How to Use Photoshop AI Generative fill to Create Video Backgrounds

Yes, Photoshop does let you undo the Generative Fill feature, much like how it lets users undo anything else. Just use the undo shortcut of the Ctrl + Z keys(Command + Z keys for Mac), which Yakov Livshits will instantly undo the Generative Fill effect. The results might need some refining if the image has too much information. Yes, Generative Fill can work on complex images seamlessly.

You can cycle through them using buttons in the Contextual Task Bar or by clicking the thumbnails in the Properties panel. If none of them look good, you can click ‘Generate’ again to get three more variations. Click the “Rectangular Marquee tool” and select the area you want to apply the generative fill to. Founder @ Pincel – Warrior of creative expression, armed with a paintbrush. After using Photoshop for 20 years, I grew tired of its complexity and believe image editing should be easy as a brush stroke.

AI Generative Fill in Photoshop (Beta)

With everything set and Adobe Creative Cloud installed, let’s begin signing up for the AI generative beta. Then I’ll select the Generative layer for the right side of the image. And just like that, Photoshop adds an approaching storm on the left side of the image, while the right side remains unchanged. I’ll enter storm clouds as my prompt, and then I’ll click Generate. Or I can enter a description of something specific into the prompt box. For example, I’ll select the Generative layer for the left side of the image.

With the help of AI technologies, you can easily elevate your WordPress SEO game. AI SEO tools like Semrush, Divi AI, and Rank Math can help you create high-quality content that search engines love. Next, we’ll use the crop tool to extend our canvas to provide more room for blending our images. Using the generative fill tool, type in beach sand with ocean waves, then click generate.

Regression Testing for Websites or Web Apps

Using descriptive adjectives and nouns will always give you better results. Photoshop’s AI doesn’t require descriptive styling words like highly detailed or cinematic photography because it will match the style of the photo you’re editing. Setting it apart from other image generation AI tools, Generative Fill in Photoshop is trained on only Adobe Stock images, openly licensed work, and public domain content.

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Sick of ChatGPT and Bard? Here Are New AI Tools That Will Blow ….

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As a result, you can eliminate unwanted or unnecessary elements, objects, or even people. By making a selection and leaving the prompt blank, you can effortlessly generate content that removes unwanted elements giving your photos an incredible transformation. Yakov Livshits With simple text prompts, you can now seamlessly add, extend, or remove content from your images, all while working non destructively. If you are not satisfied with the generated image you have created start again and enter new text prompts.

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That said, there are some provided examples that look very clearly like edits, so obviously the AI has mixed success at this early stage. Where Generative Fill separates itself from OpenAI’s outpainting is through a total reimagining of the background, which Adobe shows is possible with its new feature (with varying success). Motion picture lens maker Cooke Optics debuts its first cinema lenses designed specifically for full-frame mirrorless cameras. The five-lens range will be available for E-mount, RF-mount, L-mount and M-mount cameras. Apple’s latest iPhones mix things up, but keep many things the same. Here’s a rundown of the designs, cameras, and other changes in the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models.

It also isn’t possible (at least yet) to have the AI insert another identical object elsewhere. Each time you ask the AI to create an object, you’ll get a different result. This doesn’t mean the AI will subtly adjust the contrast, exposure and white balance to make your photos pop. You might be more familiar with AI’s ability to write like a human with applications like ChatGPT. But artificial intelligence can also be used for creating and editing images.

The video above is just meant to give some sense of what’s possible. I’m not going to be adding fake animals to my portfolio images. Generative Fill relies on Adobe Firefly, a suite of creative, generative AI models developed to ensure commercial safety. Built upon Adobe Stock’s vast collection of licensed, high-resolution images, Generative Fill respects intellectual property rights and avoids generating content based on others’ work or brands.

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Or, you can leave the field blank and click the Generate button to have Photoshop determine what will appear based on the context of the surrounding scene. Photoshop’s approach debuts a new Contextual Task Bar with commands such as Select Subject or Remove Background. When you make a selection using any of the selection tools, such as the Lasso tool, one option in the bar is a Generative Fill button.

As interesting as this is, also worrisome, is increasingly difficult to tell real from fake, and these tools getting exponentially better in a very short time, disinformation age. @TorsteinH Photographic documentation, reportage journalism etc. will continue the same as written and spoken media. You try to identify trusted sources and the more important the message the more you look for corroboration. This will become even more vital as deep fakes and AI get better.

ai generative fill

“One could equally claim that retouching portraits isn’t photography by that argument. Or even adjusting exposure. Or removing a small distraction. Or on and on.” One could equally claim that retouching portraits isn’t photography by that argument. @Alex, well, photography is literally just “recording light” so as long as even 1 pixel comes from something that was captured, it is by definition photography. Editing photos radically has always been possible, it’s just that the floodgates are now wide open.

Just take any picture, select where you want the tool to generate new content, and hit the button. You can even give it a text prompt to help explain what you want to see. With its unparalleled versatility, Generative Fill has the potential to revolutionize how we perceive photo editing. Imagine having an old photograph, treasured but tarnished with time, marred by blemishes and ambient noise. Generative Fill can rejuvenate such photographs, restoring them to their original grandeur in seconds. If you’ve ever dreamt of capturing the perfect reflection in a serene water body or designing an out-of-the-box border to make your image stand out, this tool can make those dreams a reality.