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Another risk users face is downloading unwanted malware and viruses disguised as emulators on your computer. I would just say that although we recommend using emulators, we can’t recommend certain ROMs or show how to implement the use of ROMs, since they are typically considered illegal. Although we understand that many people use emulators for this purpose, emulators can be used for legal purposes, similar to torrent engines. Sorry, about the lack of advice, but we try to avoid sharing any illegal information on the site. Being a Pokémon fan, I still want to play Pokémon games on my phone using a GBA emulator.

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Even though there are lots of Gameboy emulators for Mac out there, OpenEmu and RetroArch are the best ones. Be careful when downloading ROMS online because some can contain malware. What I like about OpenEmu is it organizes your ROMS into a library with pixel art cover included, making it very easy to open the game you want to play. Under United States law, obtaining a dumped copy of the original machine’s BIOS is legal under the ruling Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. v. Nintendo of America, Inc., 964 F.

The popular hack lets you travel to a whole new region called Florem and discover new monsters such as Litscorp. Pokémon Gaia has a fantastic story and several features that it feels like a modern Pokémon game created for the GBA. Pokémon Glazed also has many of the quality of life features players have seen in previous Pokémon GBA ROM hacks. We have included the controversial Snakewood on this list for the edgier readers. Snakewood is a Pokémon Ruby ROM hack that players either love or hate.

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You must move Visual Boy Advance to a more common location such as Documents, Downloads, or a folder on your desktop. Save states is a feature that saves the exact spot you are in any game. You can use this feature manually by going into the File menu or by quick keyboard shortcuts.

Use the Magic Mirror there to warp back to the Light World. When you arrive, you will be able to collect a Piece of Heart. By jumping off the north side of Spectacle Rock, you can now reach the Tower of Hera. The sign outside the Mountain Tunnel forbade travelers to pass unless they had permission from the King. Knowing that the King has been deposed by Agahnim, feel free to forge ahead, pull up the big stone that blocks the path and enter the tunnel. Getting into the Eastern Palace had presented no problem for you, but when you reach the entrance of the Desert Palace, you have your work cut out for you.