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You can improve your customers’ satisfaction and achieve loyalty by emphasizing that aspect. Furthermore, create the right environment and a company culture where people want to excel. For example, you can give positive feedback or reward your employees for great results. Before you set your business goals, you can try to split them into short-term and long-term goals. Save time and money by managing all your clients’ websites from one place. Weekly meetings should be held with all the managers and COO in one place.

It can be easy to get emotional about money and feel like you are not in a place to charge more. Once you start digging into building a team and stepping into a leadership role, you also have to understand how to ethically lead a team and what that means. This is where ethics comes into play and figuring out the difference between what might feel “wrong”, what isn’t wrong, and what is. We’ve worked for decades in unhealthy corporate or work environments so most of us are just trying to create something that isn’t that. But a lot of small business owners just go the direct opposite end of the spectrum and still aren’t finding the balance. There are nuances to what it truly means to ethically lead a team .

Take your company to the next level with these tips on how to scale a business

We have a long way to go, but I’m very excited about what we’re building at We see this all the time with our clients at 2X, and it’s one of the biggest mistakes a scaling service business can make. Get a lawyer or law firm on retainer as soon as you begin making plans to expand, if you don’t have one already. Have them review all your contracts and regulatory obligations to be sure you and your clients are fully protected. Be sure to pay attention to your insurance too– make sure all your equipment is covered, and that you have coverage for professional liability too. No one expects or hopes for professional liability lawsuits, but that’s the whole point of getting insurance– just in case.


As growth occurs, you can always improve on this core, but it isn’t easy to recreate once you’ve grown past a certain level. Scaling a business is challenging; it requires a thoughtful and meticulous approach and a solid foundation in place for when you hit a surging growth curve. At this point, I decided not to document all of these tasks in detail. Processes will change as you hire other people, so it’s usually best to produce just in time documentation.

Build a Recurring Revenue Model

Your team also needs to have the right mindset for scalability. Scaling is when revenue increases without a substantial increase in costs, meaning you can support further growth—you could look at it as a more sustainable way of growing. Most entrepreneurs have big ambitions when they start a new business. But if you don’t have a road map in place to handle rapid growth, you could become a victim of your own success.

The quality of the employees determines the success of the services business. Employees that want to do the bare minimum do not contribute to the growth of the business. The quality of the work will be low and you will have a hard time getting new clients. At what point should you consider expanding into new geographies or markets, or building additional products or services? It’s easy to lose focus when you start to scale, but having a map of growth options helps.

Grow Your Team

How you allocate your resources determines how profitable and successful your project-based business will be. One of the first places to check for your company’s efficiency is in the revenue systems. Revenue leakage refers to revenue that doesn’t make it into your business, either because of incomplete billing, incorrectly-applied discounts, scope creep, or unpaid invoices. These leaks can wear down your profits and slow your progress, so identify and plug any revenue leaks as you set your systems up for sustainable scaling. You’ll need to know how to scale a service business sustainably.

Scaling a business means utilizing this “blade period” to put systems and procedures into place to create lasting, profitable development. Finally, I’ve created this list of must-read books for startup founders. These include some of the most impactful reads for me as I started my business, so I hope they help you turn your idea into reality too. An agency like though doesn’t have the same limitation. Once I started bringing on other writers, our output was limited by my pace of editing and onboarding new clients. So, is potentially much more valuable to our clients than Karl the freelance writer was.

And lastly, set-up a tangible set of processes that the customer can see, touch and feel while undergoing the process. If you get these three steps right, presenting your service like a product won’t be difficult anymore. Typically in any service-based business offering, a fixed amount of revenue is generated against a fixed amount of time spent on a client. For example, a private tutor makes $500 an hour tutoring one kid in math.

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Companies like subscription services or businesses with high customer lifetime value are often successful with this approach. Before you start to scale, do the groundwork by ensuring your business is ready for the challenge. Using the foundations of your brand identity and target audience, adjust your product pricing, financial systems, and hiring strategy to support a scalable model with efficiency at the center. Finally, be ready to use management tools that can help optimize resource planning, and keep your business on the path to sustainable scaling. As a service provider, you’re an extension of your clients’ teams.

After all, most of us turn to google search to procure any big or small what is a deposit slip or product today. Therefore, while your focus might have been on physical flyers, banners and posters earlier, it is now time to translate all of that into digital mediums. If you are starting an online business with no money, you will not be able to scale immediately. Instead, focus on generating revenue and growing your customer base. Once you have a solid foundation, you can start to think about scaling your business. Scaling can also lead to increased efficiency and productivity.

This can help the company attract and retain better talent, which is key to long-term business success. Scaling a business is often necessary to keep up with the competition and maintain a healthy bottom line. To successfully scale a business, you need to have a solid plan.

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Unless there are streamlined processes in place, the staff cannot be pushed to move things quicker without compromising quality. Both products and services are essentially things that solve problems for customers. The best way to scale a service company like a product company is to create a menu of offerings by packaging the services like products.

With the right technology, people, and processes in place, a business can grow more efficiently and with greater consistency. Its growth won’t be slowed down by its structure or available resources. If you’re implementing a phone system fit for the 21st century, you may want to upgrade your equipment, although you can adapt existing analog phones and computers for VoIP. The benefit of cloud-based platforms for scaling businesses is that you don’t need to pay for or house hardware or wiring—just the affordable monthly or annual subscription fee.


One key to success is having a recurring revenue model that keeps the same customer coming back again and again . And since you have a service business, you have an amazing opportunity to do this, because each time you work with a new client, you have to onboard them. Our service business ended up not only NOT making money on those types of deals, but we also lost money in labor costs and missed out on 10s of thousands of dollars in opportunity cost. Having lost their biggest source of projects, QuEST’s revenues plummeted. Having foreseen the risk of having most of QuEST’s eggs in GE’s basket, Melligeri had already struck a deal with The Carlyle Group, which agreed to a $6 million investment for a 23% stake. Using QuEST’s already formidable track record for first-rate service delivery and funds from Carlyle, Prabhu quickly set about finding new clients.